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We are fully equipped to test and approve a wide range of electrical products and equipment, from battery chargers and lighting equipment to medical electrical equipment and wireless devices in our state of the art product compliance testing labs.

EMC/EMI Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
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EMC/EMI testing deals with your products’ Radio Frequency (RF) emissions and immunity to RF. EMC testing ensures that your product will operate in the designated environment as intended while ensuring it won’t interfere with other products used in its same electromagnetic environment.
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Safety Testing

We provide expert product compliance & certification testing services to thousands of product safety standards.
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Our safety laboratory is set up to test/evaluate products for the United States, Canada, Europe, and International Certifications. Our safety facilities are A2LA Accredited, and our safety test data and evaluations are accepted by an OSHA accredited Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL).
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CE Testing

The CE mark indicates conformity with the essential requirements set out by the EU.
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Products being sold into the European Union require CE marking. F2 Labs can assist you in identifying the requirements for the CE Certification of your electrical/electronic product.
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Enjoy Full-Service Product Compliance Expertise
About Us

Enjoy Full-Service Product Compliance Expertise

An internationally accredited regulatory laboratory by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 standards with more than 30 years of experience in performing EMC and Safety evaluations, F2 emphasizes efficient testing operations, exceptional customer service, and quality testing focused on attention to detail. “F2’s vision is to maintain a customer-driven culture. We go out of our way to assist our clients through the entire process of our product compliance & certification testing service, from the very first consultation with our sales team to delivery of a final report to the client and beyond.”  F2 Labs is fiercely committed to serving manufacturers through the product compliance process.

  • EMC/EMI Testing Labs: F2 has fully accredited state-of-the-art EMC/EMI testing facilities, including a 10-meter anechoic chamber, a 3-meter anechoic chamber, a 10-meter Open Area Test Site, shield/screen rooms, a multitude of EMC equipment for the performance of emissions and immunity testing, and radio/wireless testing equipment.
  • Product Safety Testing Labs: F2 has fully accredited state-of-the-art safety testing facilities. Our facilities are designed for the testing/evaluation of electrical and mechanical products for certification approvals in the North American, European, and International markets.
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