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Worker performing US Canadian Field Label Evaluations

F2 Labs can provide you with the U.S. or Canadian Field Label evaluation in order to satisfy the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or Local Inspector. F2 Labs will send our inspector to your facility to evaluate your product to the appropriate UL or CSA standards for the United States and Canada, respectively.

This evaluation is a safety review of the product or system for products that do not have U.S. or Canadian Certification but are required to, due to local electrical codes.

Field Label evaluations are often required for custom-built or “one-off” electrical products. This is a customized field certification service. Products are evaluated to the requirements of the applicable UL or CSA standards. A controlled number of the serialized label(s) will be issued for products found compliant with the applicable requirements. Additional labels may be issued upon confirmation that the additional batches are identical to the tested sample(s).

Once the evaluation has been successfully completed, the F2 Labs Inspector will apply a U.S. or Canadian Field Label to the product(s) so that you have the proof that you need in order to show that the product(s) complies with the appropriate UL or CSA standards.

If you plan on manufacturing many identical products, a Limited Production Certification or U.S. Listing evaluation may be more applicable for your needs. Contact F2 Labs to find out your best option.

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