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The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential requirements set out in European Directives. In order to use the CE mark on a product, the manufacturer must draw up an EU declaration of conformity (DoC) in which the manufacturer attests conformity with all relevant New Approach Directives (NADs) and takes sole legal responsibility. In some instances, a NAD may require a Notified Body to issue a Certificate of EU declaration of conformity (DoC) Conformity in order to verify performance of the product or constancy of the production process (Factory Production Control, for example).

Electrical Product Compliance Testing

F2 Labs offers a full range of compliance testing services. We are fully equipped to test and approve a wide range of electrical products and equipment for organizational and governmental certifications, from battery chargers and lighting equipment to medical electrical equipment and wireless devices. Request a quote today!

F2 Labs can assist you in identifying the requirements for CE certification. We have an experienced staff of experts in the CE mark ready to assist you throughout the process of CE testing – including the bid phase of your potential project to obtain the CE certification. With more than 20 years of experience in CE testing and evaluation, F2 Labs has helped many businesses successfully enter into the European and global markets.

We test products to the following directives:

Steps to Obtaining the CE Mark

F2 Labs will walk you through each step of the CE testing process:

  1. Identify the directive(s) and harmonized standards applicable to the product
  2. Verify the product-specific requirements
  3. Identify whether a Notified body approval is required
  4. Test the product to check its conformity
  5. Compile and keep available the required technical documentation
  6. Affixation of the CE mark to your product and complete an EU declaration of conformity

The EU declaration of conformity (DoC) must include: manufacturer’s details (name, address, etc.); description of the product; List of EU Directives to which the product complies; list of relevant EN standards used; must be signed and dated by an authorized representative of the company placing the product on the European Market, and must be translated into the native language of the country in which it will operate.

The CE mark is covered by Council Decision 93/465/EC. Annex B(d) provides the following guidelines:

    1. The CE conformity marking must consist of the initials ‘CE’ taking the following form:

CE mark

  1. If the CE conformity marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions must be kept the same.
  2. Where the directive concerned does not state specific dimensions, the CE marking must have a height of at least 5 mm.
  3. The CE marking must be affixed to the product or to its data plate. However if that is not possible or warranted on account of the nature of the product, it must be affixed to the packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents, where the directive concerned provides for such documents.
  4. The CE marking must be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly.
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