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F2 Labs holds multiple accreditations and recognitions in order to best serve our customers. We have three testing laboratories in the United States: in Damascus, Maryland, Middlefield, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our labs are A2LA accredited, ASCA accredited, FCC accredited, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) accredited. In addition to these accreditations, F2 Labs is a member of the International Trade Council and a Thomas Verified Supplier.

To learn more about each of our accreditations keep reading below.

A2LA Accredited Testing Lab

F2 Labs is an independent testing lab that is internationally accredited by A2LA, which is an ILAC signatory, to ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

ILAC – International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation is an organization that counts as its members’ laboratory accreditation bodies representing over 70 economies and regional organizations. In many economies, there is an accreditation body recognized by the government to carry out the assessment and verification against international standards of testing, calibration, inspection, and certification activities in both the private and public sectors. The ILAC MRA allows you to make use of a global network of testing and calibration laboratories that have been accredited to provide accurate and reliable results. The MRA supports international trade by promoting international confidence and acceptance of accredited laboratory data. Technical barriers to trade, such as the retesting of products each time they enter a new economy would be reduced.

For more information on the ILAC MRA:
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ASCA Accredited Testing Lab

F2 Labs is an ASCA-accredited testing laboratory that performs testing in accordance with the specifications of ISO/IEC 17025 and ASCA program specifications. We believe this program will help not only increase product safety for the end-user but also shorten the time it takes for FDA approval of your product.

What is ASCA?

The FDA launched ASCA with the intention to support its public health mission by increasing confidence in test results provided by testing laboratories. F2 Labs was among the first to become ASCA-accredited. Becoming accredited comes with standards a laboratory must follow past the initial application process, including periodic audits. This helps ensure confidence with the FDA that we are following the proper procedures and can help get your product through the FDA 510K process quicker.

According to the FDA, this program will help enhance confidence in medical device testing, promote consistency and predictability in the premarket review process, encourage effective use of FDA resources, and support international harmonization. The increased confidence in testing may be particularly helpful for premarket submissions that rely on Declarations of Conformity to FDA-recognized consensus standards using test results from ASCA-accredited testing laboratories.

For more information on ASCA-accredited labs click here.

FCC Accredited Testing Lab

F2 Labs – OH is accredited by the FCC for testing. In the table below, you will find the extent of our scope compiled by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology.

Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Accredited Test Firm Scope List

ScopeFCC Rule PartsRecognized Since
Unintentional RadiatorsFCC Part 15, Subpart B07-06-2017
Industrial, Scientific, and Medical EquipmentFCC Part 1807-06-2017
Intentional RadiatorsFCC Part 15 Subpart C07-06-2017
U-NII without DFS Intentional RadiatorsFCC Part 15, Subpart E01-09-2020

For more information about F2 Labs FCC scope of accreditation, click here.

ISED Accredited Testing Lab

F2 Labs – OH is accredited by ISED Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) as a wireless device testing lab. Wireless Device Testing laboratories are recognized by ISED Canada in order to test to Canadian radio equipment requirements.

OrganizationCAB identifier

Scope / Recognition Date



16740 Peters Road,
Middlefield, OH 44062, United States

Company Number: 4730B


RSS-102 (RF Exp.) (2019-02-20)

RSS-GEN (2019-02-20)

RSS-119 (2019-07-30)

RSS-210 (2019-02-20)

RSS-247 (no DFS) (2019-02-20)


F2 Labs does NOT test, certify, or provide any services related to respiratory masks or protective gloves. Any certificates or documents indicating otherwise are fraudulent; please notify us at if you become aware of or obtain any such certificate or document.

International Trade Council Member

F2 Labs is a member of the International Trade Council.

The International Trade Council acts as an independent and knowledgeable platform to help government, industry bodies, businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. Their role as an organization is to:
  • educate, influence, collaborate and advocate on policy-related issues to support efficient and balanced international trade and investment.
  • link people, local and international businesses and facilitate access to commercial ventures for the betterment of society.
  • facilitate the sharing of information and expertise that will assist businesses.

ThomasTM Verified Supplier

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F2 Labs Thomas Certificate

Thomas helps to make sure that industrial distributors and manufacturers have access to solutions that drive new business. To help support manufacturers who are searching for qualified buyers in targeted industries, Thomas has created Registered and Verified Programs.

Thomas Registered and Thomas Verified Supplier certificates/badges ensure that the product, services, and company information have been validated by the Thomas Supplier Analyst Team. 

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