CSA & UL Standards Certification

Product Certification Overview

If you are selling your product in the US and Canada, you need to comply with the applicable nationally accepted UL & CSA (and possibly other) standards. F2 Labs can evaluate and test your product, help you through the certification process and enable you to get your US and Canadian certifications.

Electrical Product Compliance Testing

F2 Labs offers a full range of compliance testing services. We are fully equipped to test and approve a wide range of electrical products and equipment for organizational and governmental certifications, from battery chargers and lighting equipment to medical electrical equipment, wireless devices, and industrial machinery. Request a quote today!

Certification Process

While the product itself will be evaluated and tested for conformance with the appropriate UL/CSA standards, the manufacturer must also be able to demonstrate a Quality Control system to assure that all future products will continue to conform. This process includes: an Initial Customer Application/Quality System Review, Initial Factory Inspection and ongoing Quarterly Inspections.

Steps to Product Certification

  • Product Testing and Evaluation:A sample of your product and supporting documentation will be evaluated and tested to the applicable safety UL standard(s).
  • Initial Factory Inspection: Just prior to the issuance of your first certification an Initial Factory Inspection will be performed. This is done only once.
  • Annual Listing Fees: Annual Listing Fees can vary, please contact us for a quote of these fees.
  • Quarterly Inspections: Quarterly inspections, or follow-up visits, will be performed at each manufacturing site. During these visits the inspector will review, among other things: production line tests, quality procedures and documentation, product revisions, required markings, etc.
  • Fees for the above services: Fees per facility vary depending on the number of product categories being listed, and inspection fees are dependent upon location of the facility.

If you have any questions about how to get your product certified to the UL and/or CSA standards, or any of the other services we offer, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the process in more detail with you to meet your specific needs and requirements.

UL/CSA Standards Testing

  • UL Standards Testing – – If you are selling your product in the United States, your product must comply with the applicable nationally accepted product specific standards. These are likely UL standards, but could also be others (i.e. ANSI, NFPA,…)
  • CSA Standards Testing – If you are selling your product in Canada, you must comply with the applicable nationally accepted product specific safety standards. These are likely CSA standards, but could also be other standards.
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