CE marking Training for your staff

F2 Labs offers testing services for customers selling their products into Europe.

In most cases the staff at F2 Labs can look at a product and immediately determine which EU Directives are applicable, the EN standards that are both harmonized to the EU Directive and applicable to the product and decide upon an acceptable compliance module to prove conformity with the requirements.

Have you ever wanted your company – engineers, sales, purchasing, quality – all to be on the same page when discussing the CE marking and marketing a product in Europe but you do not know where to start?

F2 Labs has a solution. We offer a comprehensive one- or two-day course that gives an overview into CE marking and then a deep dive into the relevant legal requirements and how to comply with them.

We do not discuss the amount of yellow and green allowed on grounding wires, but we show you where these requirements are and how to quickly and easily decide what is applicable to your equipment.

CE marking is self-certification. We have all heard and read this for years. What does this really mean though? We will show you.

Our program is organized to occur in your conference room and will immediately immerse your staff in the understanding of what you need to do.

It’s not complicated but since it is all ‘self-certification’ it is your responsibility to cover all the requirements. Let us show you how we do it.

Topics include:

  • CE marking – what is it?
  • How is the CE marking process different than the listing process and FCC/IC process in North America?
  • EU Directives – how do we know if one… or any… or a lot apply to our product(s)?
  • What is RoHS? What is REACH? What is WEEE? – and what do we have to do?
  • What are EN standards?
  • What is an essential health and safety requirement?
  • How do we draft a declaration of conformity?
  • Do we need to test all our products?
  • What is a Technical File and how do we put one together?
  • What is a Notified Body? (hint, in almost all cases you do not need one).
  • What is an Authorized EU Contact?
  • What if you do not know what you need to do? Where do you start? What is the CE marking all about?

These seminars are conducted by an F2 Labs staff member. We will travel to your facility and engage your staff for one or two days with a presentation combined with case-study analysis of your products and the requirements. The goal is to teach your sales, engineering, and administrative staff quickly determine what is applicable to your products and how to fulfill the testing and administrative requirements for CE marking.

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