Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Our compliance consulting staff has the expertise to help with your compliance testing needs and ensure you are compliant with all EMC and Safety requirements for your new products.

Whether you are in the very first stages of the product development process or in the final design, our consultants can assist in mapping critical compliance milestones to guarantee a successful product launch at the lowest cost possible for your compliance.

To find out more about our consulting services, please Contact Us. We also offer Educational Services.

CE marking Onsite Consulting and Training

F2 Labs is able to send a CE marking expert to your facility to provide overview training to your business – sales and engineering. We can quickly dig into the Directives that apply to your specific products and show your team exactly what is required and what are your responsibilities.

Our approach is to show you the laws that you need to consider and real-world strategies for compliance. None of this is overly complicated, but it can be intimidating at first. We will get you there.

Some questions we answer and discuss –

  • What Directives do we consider?
  • How do we know which standards?
  • How do I know if the testing I had done five years ago is still good enough?
  • What if I have ten really similar products?
  • Do I need a CE marking on my product to send it to a distributor for a trade show?
  • What if I am sending my system without controls?
  • Do I need an Authorized EU Representative? (teaser: in most cases, NO.)

Please contact your sales representative to discuss the training you may be interested in for your team. Each training presentation is uniquely tailored to your product and your business.

F2 Labs is here to help.

We can be contacted via this link. We can be reached by phone at 877-405-1580 and are here to help you.

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