New EU requirement for all products, January 2021 – SCIP database registration

The EU will require a filed report detailing SVHC substance levels above .1% (weight) in any article or part in any product placed on the market in the EU beginning January 5, 2021.

What does this mean for our customers?

The REACH Regulation presently requires that companies identify the SVHC content in each of every component part of products. For any part with content over .1% of any of SVHC, the company must be able to identify to customers in the EU details about the part, the SVHC, and its safe handling.

What is an SVHC?

An SVHC is a ‘substance of very high concern’. SVHC’s are compiled in a list of 209 substances. That list is updated about every six months (for example, it increased from 205 to 209 substances in June 2020).

What do I have to do about SVHC’s now?

Companies located outside the EU have no responsibility regarding REACH or SCIP. But your customers in the EU must comply and will likely be unable to do so without your help.

Until the end of 2020, there is no registration requirement unless the amount of individual SVHC meets a one-ton minimum. The requirement is to be able to deliver a report showing that the REACH evaluation was performed if requested. Failure to do so can result in penalties or the removal of market access.

What will I have to do about SVHC’s beginning January 5, 2021?

Beginning on January 5, 2021, all products will require a REACH evaluation to determine any parts that have SVHC content. For any products with any parts with content over .1% of an SVHC or SVHC’s a SCIP report must be filed with the ECHA. This is still only the responsibility of the EU operator (usually: your customer). Your customer will not be able to do this unless you supply a complete, flat BoM with contact information for each of your suppliers.

This REACH review is tedious and very time-consuming.

How can F2 Labs help?

F2 Labs can complete the SCIP report and file it with the ECHA. We can handle this along with a RoHS evaluation and/or REACH evaluation. Both of which we presently offer to our customers.

Current customers can contact their sales representatives to discuss SCIP database registration. We can discuss the requirements as they uniquely impact your product and your business.

F2 Labs is here to help! Contact us today or call 877-405-1580 for immediate assistance.

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