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Anechoic Chambers

What is an anechoic chamber and why should I test my product in one?

An anechoic chamber is a room that almost completely eliminates outside noise. It enables us to take very precise measurements using calibrated laboratory equipment. Originally these were designed for audible noise but the principles are the same for radio wavelengths. It does this by being designed in a way that all radio waves are absorbed instead of bouncing off of walls and objects so that readings taken in the room are of your equipment, undisturbed or influenced by other factors. This is the most accurate way to get true readings of the performance of your equipment.

F2 Labs has two anechoic chambers and we use them to test products, devices, and machines for compliance to a variety of national requirements like FCC, ISED Canada (formerly Industry Canada, or IC), CE, and Australia/ New Zealand. The chambers are equipped to handle radiated electromagnetic emissions (EMI) and RF immunity (RFI) measurements.

Our clients’ EMI and/or RFI scans are conducted by trained professionals in an ambient-free environment. Our technical team seamlessly manages the entire diagnostic engineering process from product shipment to the test facility, test set-up, debugging, troubleshooting, and reporting.

Contact us with any questions about using our anechoic chamber for your compliance project or if you have any questions about your product’s specific testing needs.

Anechoic chamber

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