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FCC Part 18

FCC Part 18 Compliance Testing and Certification

F2 Labs can provide you with the compliance testing required for FCC Part 18. FCC Part 18 includes EMC requirements for certain industrial, scientific, and medical digital equipment not included in Part 15.

FCC Part 18 is required for any electrical device that emits RF intentionally, such as inductive chargers, some types of welders, inductive cooking ranges, and more. General consumer medical devices typically do NOT fall under the jurisdiction of FCC Part 18. The only exception to this rule is if the medical equipment is designed to generate and use RF energy locally for medical or therapeutic purposes. If you are not sure whether FCC Part 18 applies to your product, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Per FCC Part 18, the FCC has the authority to regulate industrial, scientific, and medical equipment (ISM) that emits electromagnetic energy on frequencies within the radio frequency spectrum to prevent harmful interference to authorized radio communication services. This part sets forth the conditions under which the equipment in question may be operated. Our FCC compliance expertise fully covers these related regulations.

F2 Labs can perform the testing and reporting required for you to show your product complies with FCC Part 18 so that a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity can be issued.

Let our experts help you through the FCC Part 18 certification process. Request a quote today!

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