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F2 Labs has a fully accredited state of the art EMC/EMI testing facility which is designed and set up for the testing and evaluation of electrical and mechanical products for certification approvals in the North American, European and International markets.

With over 100 years of combined engineering experience our engineers can help you with preliminary design reviews, de-bug work and implementation of fixable solutions to help your product get to the market quicker in our EMC test lab.

Along with the typical electrical product testing of Industrial, Medical, Information Technology, Audio Video, and Laboratory Equipment, F2 Labs also performs ENERGY STAR compliance verification testing on behalf of the EPA for a wide variety of household products.

With over 2500 square feet of laboratory space we can accommodate both desktop and floor standing equipment easily for EMI testing, EMC compliance testing and more!

The lab is capable of 3 phase testing at 575 VAC, 100 Amps and single phase testing at 300 VAC, 50 Amps. A temperature and humidity chamber with interior dimensions of 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft easily accommodates most products and with ranges from 177 oC, 98 % relative humidity down to –75oC with our liquid nitrogen burst system can cover a wide variety of test needs.

On-site EMC / EMI testing can also be performed per your request.

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