UL 60335-2-40/CSA C22.2 No. 60335-2-40

For years, more niche product categories have suffered from not having harmonized testing standards.  What this means for manufacturers is more expensive and extensive regulatory exercises because the standards for the US, Canada, and the European Union are all different. 

Now, when new standards are created or adopted, an effort is being made to move towards this harmonization process.  Recently, UL 60335-2-40/CSA C22.2 No. 60335-2-40 were adopted and are harmonized with EN 60335-2-40 and IEC 60335-2-40.  This UL & CSA certification testing standard applies to multiple products including packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as liquid chillers, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners, and others.  This new standard will eventually replace several standards that are used in the HVAC industry, the biggest of which is UL 1995, but will also replace UL 484 and UL 474. 

The new standard includes the type testing for each of the tests outlined in UL 1995, however, there are now more extensive requirements and unique tests that are different from what has been done in the past.  These include but are not limited to Electronic Fault Test, Glow Wire Test, Flammability Requirements, and additional assessment for power input and current, heating, abnormal temps, ball pressure, amongst others.

The new standard doesn’t go “live” until 2024, and manufacturers may continue to utilize UL 1995 and other appropriate standards for new and existing products but should begin looking at what 60335-2-40 will require of them from a testing standpoint.  Manufacturers may begin utilizing 60335-2-40, if they so desire, to get a “head-start” on the competition.  However, understand that during this transition period additional changes may be made to the standard as it continues to evolve.  Products currently listed to UL 1995, UL 484, UL 474, or similar standards, will more than likely need to undergo full retesting, as UL 60335-2-40 has different test-based requirements as well as new component requirements. 

When utilizing the new standard, especially during the transition period, it’s important to have a trusted partner who can help walk you through and effectively guide your team through this process.  Reach out to F2 Labs today for Product Safety Testing Services and let us know how we can assist your team in navigating the compliance maze and get your product to market!

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