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Explosive Atmosphere Product Certifications (ATEX, IECEx, NRTL)

F2 Labs provides assistance in the design, testing, certification, and approval process of products and equipment intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (USA, Canada, ATEX, IECEx).

Specializing In The Safety Approvals of Equipment Intended for Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

European Explosive Atmospheres
  • Pre-Compliance Review Services
  • Quality Assurance Notification
EX Services
  • Design Services
  • EU-Type Test Approvals
  • Quality Module
IECEx Approvals
  • K Pre-Compliance Review Services
  • IECEx Equipment Certifications
  • Quality Assurance Registration
ATEX Approvals
European Approval Scheme for electrical and Mechanical Equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
IECEx Approvals
An International approval scheme intended for equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.
USA and Canadian Approvals
Equipment used in potentially explosive atmosphere in the United Stated and Canada is required to be Listed/Certified.
Technical Support/ Consulting
We are able to provide technical support and consulting to help you meet the requirements of whichever approvals you need.
We Have an Experienced Staff

Our staff has extensive experience in all types of explosion protection concepts (i.e., Intrinsic Safety, Explosion-proof / Flame-proof, Purged and Pressurized, Non-Incendive, etc.) With our expertise, we can help you get your products on the market faster than going directly to a large test lab. We have set-up relationships with various Certification agencies throughout the world to coordinate all your approvals.