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Tips to Help Your Project Go Smoothly

The following details will assist in helping your project to run smoothly saving time and avoiding additional and unnecessary costs:

  • Supply the necessary loads so that the equipment is running at maximum current draw.
  • Provide your equipment in a “ready state” – plug and play if possible. This will prevent additional time/fees from being incurred.
  • Provide a device that functions as close to normal operation as possible.
  • OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE NOTICE – Your device should be wired to operate within the voltage of the country that you intend to sell it in when it is being tested/evaluated.
    • If US/CA; 120VAC/60Hz.
    • If European; 240VAC/50Hz, etc.
    • Please advise the lab immediately if this cannot be achieved.
  • Terminate all electrical connections with a load or device to simulate proper operation. This may reduce susceptibility and/or emissions.
  • If you are supplying peripherals and/or ancillary equipment with the device under evaluation, and you wish to physically isolate this equipment from the device under evaluation, supply at least 30 feet of cable. This will enable the test engineer to configure the device under evaluation for the best possible performance.
  • Note that the unit will need to run continuously for 4 to 6 hours without operator interface.

All pricing is contingent upon the following:

  • Your preparation and timely response to our inquiries.
  • Failure free operation of the Equipment Under Test (EUT).
  • Failures resulting in disassembly of the test setup, delays, and investigation of failure modes, repair or reconfiguration of EUT, standby or idle time of F2 Labs, reassembly of test setup, or other out-of-scope activity will incur additional costs.
  • The continuous testing of the EUT – breaks in testing schedule not caused by F2 Labs will incur additional costs.
  • The availability of the Client’s personnel and/or equipment to operate the EUT when tests are being conducted. Scheduling delays caused by the absence of these resources will incur standby charges and other additional costs.
  • The technical assumptions or exceptions to the statement of work, as specified in the proposal or as otherwise contemplated by the parties.

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