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Manufacturer’s Readiness Guide

The information below is a quick guide to help you prepare your product for the evaluation that we will be conducting.

Safety Devices:
  • All interlocks, emergency stops, light curtains, etc., must be fully installed, wired, and operating as intended.
  • All devices must be wired in series with each other and be monitored through a certified safety relay and contactor.
  • An AC mains line filter is highly recommended as it significantly increases the likelihood that your device will pass the EMC evaluation.
  • If your device utilizes motors and/or motor drives, check the drive manual and/or consult with the drive manufacturer to ensure that you have implemented all necessary EMI filtering to help eliminate RF noise. Typically filtering for the drives does not come with the drive. but is an add-on.
  • All components being used must be securely installed in accordance with their installation requirements.
  • All components must be suitably approved and used within their specifications.
  • All components and circuits must be fully operational.
Loading of your system:
  • All receptacles must be loaded down to the specified current rating.
  • The system must be fully operational and configured with all necessary loading so that your measured primary current is within a suitable range of your nameplate rating.
  • If your system can operate at different speeds, note that we may need to test at the lowest and highest speeds (i.e. simulating the “worst case” scenario”).
  • All guards that contain safety devices such as interlocks and emergency stops must be installed prior to testing.

Please note: It is very important that all requested documentation be provided prior to the evaluation in order to avoid a delay in the completion of your project and/or potential cost increases.

Should you have any questions please contact the following personnel:


Ken Littell, Vice President of EMC
Phone: (440) 426 – 6007


Adam Black, Safety Technical Manager
Phone: (301) 368 – 2593

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