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Listing Requirements & Fees

The certification process is not over once we have completed evaluating and testing your product. Successfully obtaining and maintaining your listing requires:

  • Your product to successfully pass the testing/evaluation process;
  • A successful initial factory inspection and submittal of your listing; and
  • Periodic inspections throughout the year.

Initial Factory Inspection (IFI): As part of the certification services being provided to you, F2 Labs (“F2” or “we”) is required to perform an Initial Factory Inspection for each of your manufacturing facilities. Our Inspector will (1) have a preliminary conversation (by phone or email) with you to confirm that you have a Quality System in place before visiting your facility, (2) will provide you with an IFI form in preparation of his/her visit, and (3) will request specific documentation both before the onsite visit and upon his/her arrival at your site. Once your product evaluation is complete, your manufacturing facility(ies) has/have successfully passed the IFI, and your listing file has been submitted and approved by the Certification Agency, your listing will become active.

Periodic Inspections: Follow-up inspections will be performed at each manufacturing site. During these visits, which are unannounced due to regulatory requirements, our Inspector will review, among other things, production line tests, quality procedures and documentation, product revisions and required markings. The Inspector will contact you directly to schedule the visit to the facility(ies) and will inform you of what item(s) (product name and model) will be inspected. The number of annual inspections generally ranges from 2 to 4, though this decision will be made at F2’s discretion. A final report will be provided to you following completion of each inspection. *Note that the inspection fees are a single, flat fee that is billed in quarterly installments, and that the amount of such fees is not contingent on the number of site visits per year except to the extent more than 4 visits is required.

Your Responsibilities for Inspections: You are responsible for allowing our Inspector access during onsite factory inspections and for providing adequate documentation to our Inspector. In preparation for each quarterly inspection, it is your responsibility to have the documents listed below ready when the Inspector arrives on site. This will help the inspection go more smoothly and will avoid delays or possible return visits (resulting in additional fees) due to a failed inspection.

  1. Electrical drawings/wiring diagrams
  2. Hipot tester and DMM calibration certificate.
  3. Production log as far as how many units have been shipped with label. Serial range would suffice as well.
  4. Customer complaint log
  5. Work/Build instructions
  6. ECN procedure or if it is in the quality manual, please provide the quality manual.
  7. Sample label/nameplate
  8. Organization chart
  9. Test procedures

Ongoing Account Servicing: F2 regularly reviews its listing accounts to ensure they remain up-to-date in all respects. Should you have any questions, our Inspectors endeavor to quickly respond to them and will maintain records relating to your listing for as long as it is active.

Estimated Fees[1]: Below is a high-level estimate of F2’s current fees for ancillary services and inspections related to listings. The amount of these fees is determined by F2, in its sole discretion.2 Travel expenses and equipment shipping costs, as applicable, are billed as separate charges at actual cost plus 10% surcharge. Note that you are responsible for these ongoing fees for as long as your certification is active. Failure to pay these fees may result in cancellation of your listing.

1. Listing Review Fee
*per Listing File
One-Time Fee
(Imposed by Certification Agency)
$1000 for each Co-Listee if applicable
2. Initial Factory Inspection
*per manufacturing facility
One-Time Fee

Within the US: $1400 + travel

Outside the US: $1400-$2700 + travel

3. Follow Up Inspections
*per manufacturing facility
Quarterly (payable at the beginning of each 3- month listing period)

Within the US:

$915/quarter ($3660 annually) + travel

Outside the US:

$1050-$1950/quarter ($4200-$7800 annually) travel

4. Annual Account Service Fee
*per manufacturing facility
Annual/pro-rated beginning of Feb. 1 each year (payable at the beginning of each 12- month listing period)

$2275(One category)

$2375 (Two categories)

$2450 (Three categories)

$575 Co-Listee Fee, if applicable

[1] Fees as of February 2024. Fees subject to adjustment by F2 from time to time, in its discretion. Note that the fees discussed herein do not include F2’s or the Certification Agency’s fees for future listing revisions. Should F2 determine there are non-certified components deemed critical in the product meeting test requirements, ongoing (annual) component evaluation may be required. These fees will be quoted separately.

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