New OSHA Requirements for Batteries in the US.

F2 Labs sent a notification to most of our customers regarding some new requirements pertaining to battery cells and battery packs in listed products.

What does this mean?

It means that there are more stringent rules regarding batteries and this will affect your listing if and when you need to revise that listing for any reason. Battery testing can be onerous and expensive. As a side-note, I googled the definition of ‘onerous’ before I used it in this article. See below.

Yes… this fits. We address battery requirements on a daily basis at F2 Labs. That word is an accurate one-word description of the battery testing you will be stuck with if you have planned to use an unapproved or not-suitably-approved battery cell or battery pack in your device. We have had some flexibility to accept batteries in products undergoing US and Canadian Listing Evaluations at F2 Labs in the past. Now OSHA is tightening the requirements, but we can still help you through the process.

Likewise, for CE marking projects, we have some flexibility to accept approved batteries. And we have seen everything from properly approved batteries with test reports to the appropriate standard from accredited labs, batteries with questionable test reports that look like they were drafted in a broom closet, to batteries with no testing whatsoever.

The best time to address this is during the design phase of your project. We call this, “before you start cutting steel,” but you get the idea. Did you know that F2 Labs can provide a design review that can catch potential problems like this prior to sending your device in for testing? We assign an experienced test engineer to review your complete build on paper prior to the build. This can put an end to costly delays to your project by alerting you to unapproved or not suitably approved components, like batteries, in your build before you start making the device.


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