Installing New Pickups from Seymour Duncan

A benefit of working at F2 Labs is that I get to see new and innovative products, straight from the bench of the inventor, and prior to general release. One of our customers, Seymour Duncan, submitted a device for us to work on and I completed the RoHS portion of the project.

I looked at the product offerings on their site during the project and immediately became interested in the after-market pickups they make for guitars. My favorite guitar is the Fender Telecaster because of… well, everything about it. The Telecaster uses a type of pickup that is very articulate but is made from one coil, called a single coil. The result is that it transmits a lot of external ‘noise’ from the surrounding area, called common-mode noise. Things like computers and lighting around the guitar can add unwanted sounds, like loud static and humming. Seymour Duncan makes a replacement set of pickups that are a type of humbucker. Humbuckers are pickups made of two coils (instead of one) which cancel a lot of that humming sound because they are wired together out of phase.

Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Tele Pickups

Instead of aligning the two rows of coils side by side, these pickups are ‘stacked’ one on top of the other. Hence the name, “Vintage Stack Tele“. The order was placed and within a few days I received these in the mail. Since I work in sales and consulting and not engineering at F2 Labs this seemed like it would be a daunting task. After talking with the Seymour Duncan personnel during our project I learned that it is not hard to do this – and was offered help if I ran into any problems. It turned out to be as easy as he said and all I needed was a $15 soldering iron and some solder.

The Installation!

Next, I took the pick cover from my guitar and, following the included instructions, disassembled the Fender OEM pickups. No turning back now.

Ready for the new pickups.

New, installed Seymour Duncan Vintage Stacks!

Yes, it was as easy as described.

I finished the install and looked at it (and still do) with great satisfaction. Kevin at Seymour Duncan gave me the ‘nudge’ I needed to do this. Thank you Seymour Duncan.


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