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Automatic Bar Controls, Inc. – Pizza Sauce Dispenser

F2 Labs and Automatic Bar Controls, Inc. have collaborated on many compliance projects over the years and so we are pretty familiar with some of their products. It was very interesting to see some of the pizza sauce dispenser… which … Continue reading

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FCC – New Labeling and Manual Requirements

The FCC released new guidance and procedures for manufacturers to show compliance with FCC regulations in June 2017. Some of the changes are in the labeling requirements and, notably, the allowance for the use of a Suppliers Declaration of Conformity, or … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality, what is it?

I have been hearing a lot about “net neutrality” lately but I did not really know what it means, probably the same as most people, so I decided to find out. Read on. Basically, net neutrality means that no place … Continue reading

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FCC Labeling Requirements

Recently the F2 Labs sales department was presented with a question from a call-in customer who wanted to know about the requirements from the FCC to label equipment. Specifically, she asked about e-labelling. She relayed that the FCC’s rules regarding … Continue reading

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LED lighting and FCC requirements

Manufacturers of LED lighting sometimes assume that they are subject to FCC Part 18 requirements for lighting since LED’s are lights. Apparently this approach is so widespread that on June 17, 2016 the FCC posted clarification online that most LED … Continue reading

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