Fender Guitars and EU compliance, interesting read

In the interest of full disclosure, I own a Fender American Professional Telecaster, in butterscotch blonde of course, and a Fender Custom ’57 Champ Amp. I love Fender products. If it says “Fender” on it… I am usually considering the need to buy that product!

However, I found it very notable that the company has been fined in the UK for price fixing. This does not involve any sort of engineering compliance issue, but it does show the international reach of market surveillance authorities. These UK authorities determined that Fender employees intentionally did not write things down about this. Presumably (my assumption) is that these employees were concerned about subpoenas for emails.

The CMA (Competition for markets authority) uncovered this during the investigation. I find this worthy of posting to our blog because it is just as important – or maybe more important – to make sure your CE marking compliance issues are taken care of, correctly.

We are separated from the EU by an ocean but it is our continuing responsibility to ensure products placed on the market in the EU are compliant and safe.

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