EN 60950-1 and EN 62368-1

We are starting to feel some more effects from the upcoming replacement of EN 60950-1 by EN 62368-1. This is causing some confusion in the compliance world as well and I wanted to share a recent example that we were contacted about.

The customer builds equipment that is a combination of three subassemblies that are themselves independently operational. These devices, when combined, create a new device which itself must carry a CE marking (remember, “CE + CE does not always = CE”).

This customer engaged F2 Labs after working with another lab and even had me come to his facility for a two-day training seminar this past summer.

He contacted me because the other lab refused to accept that one of the assemblies was tested to EN 60950-1. The lab indicated that the assembly must be tested to EN 62368-1 to be acceptable because EN 60950-1 is expired.

Upon reading the email from our customer I next opened the link to the Official Journal of the EU’s list of harmonized EN standards for the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, here. Next, I searched for EN 60950-1 and it appeared in the chart next to EN 62368-1. See below.

What does this mean? I have written about this topic, previously, here. There is another article on our blog that goes into this topic in much greater detail, here. EN 60950-1 is formally expiring on December 20, 2020 and at that time you will no longer be able to send equipment to Europe under EN 60950-1. You will need to submit the equipment for testing to EN 62368-1 so that you have a technical report, from an A2LA accredited lab, in your Technical File.

It’s also helpful to read the “Note 2.1” that is in the bottom of the grid square that lists EN 60950-1. See below.

So, our advice is that if you have a product to send now and it was tested to the current version of EN 60950-1 then you can do it. However, expect to be questioned about it (by your EU customer or maybe even in customs) and it is probably a good idea to schedule testing to EN 62368-1, soon. We expect a lot of last minute EN 62368-1 projects in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

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Don’t stress about any of this… call F2 Labs!

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