Automatic Bar Controls, Inc. – Pizza Sauce Dispenser

F2 Labs and Automatic Bar Controls, Inc. have collaborated on many compliance projects over the years and so we are pretty familiar with some of their products.

It was very interesting to see some of the pizza sauce dispenser… which I personally have seen in pieces spread across a bench in our lab as we evaluated and tested it for safety… as the subject of a random youtuber’s video and the entertainment for his child.

And another –

I can only imagine how many hundreds of these machines are in Costco’s across the United States and I’m proud to say that F2 Labs assisted our customer, Automatic Bar Controls, Inc., in making it possible to meet the requirements so that they could supply all of these machines… and help us all get that gigantic slice of pizza when we visit Costco.

Want some help? F2 Labs helps manufacturers across the globe every day with small and large products. We have experts who quickly determine what is applicable to the equipment, legally and technically.

F2 Labs is here to help.

We can be contacted via this link. We can be reached by phone at 877-405-1580 and are here to help you.

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