LED lighting and FCC requirements

Manufacturers of LED lighting sometimes assume that they are subject to FCC Part 18 requirements for lighting since LED’s are lights. Apparently this approach is so widespread that on June 17, 2016 the FCC posted clarification online that most LED lighting is in fact subject to FCC Part 15 requirements and not Part 18 requirements.


LED lighting is designed so that it emits RF and is subject to FCC requirements, as stated. However, as detailed at the linked document, different LED products are subject to different FCC requirements. The FCC document states that lighting products for, “general illumination, traffic signaling, roadway lighting, manufacturing processes, agriculture, etc.,” are classified as unintentional radiators and must meet limits specified in section 15.107 and section 15.109 of Part 15.

The link for this FCC post is here and the link for the actual guidance available on the page is here.

We have linked the FCC Part 15 requirements – FCC Part 15.

Also linked are the FCC Part 18 requirements – FCC Part 18.

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