Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1426

In the emerging technology field of Automated Driving Systems (ADS), the European Union Commission has recently published requirements and rules to help manufacturers of these systems ensure the overall safety of automated vehicles.

European Union Regulation 2022/1426 was published in early August and over the course of four specific Annexes, details regulations and specifications that need to be followed in order to gain type-approval in the EU

These four Annexes detail:

  • The information needed to be supplied by ADS manufacturers in support of their type-approval request
  • Under various scenarios and conditions, the performance requirements and regulations specific to ADS are outlined
  • Expansive detail on the review process officials will use to assess and approve ADS for compliance, including scope of testing and reporting
  • Specific requirements that are to be followed in drafting supporting documentation and actual drafting of the type-approval certificate once compliant test data has been established

As this technology continues to emerge and take off, these regulations will most assuredly continue to evolve and test labs will continue to add to their capability to assist manufacturers of these products.

The regulation in it’s entirely can be found here.


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