Ronin Revolution Corporation earns EC type-examination Certification for Ronin Lift from Notified Body.

Ronin Revolution Corporation worked with F2 Labs to evaluate and test the
Ronin Lift for compliance with the relevant CE marking Directives required to sell their product in Europe. The Ronin Lift is a personal ascender used to lift people for both recreation and tasks.

We advised the engineering staff at Ronin that the equipment, a lifting device for people, is in the scope of the equipment listed in Annex IV of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Particularly, Annex IV (17), see below.

Equipment that is indicated in Annex IV is the only category of machinery that requires Notified Body involvement, in the form of an EC type-examination certificate. This is required under the following conditions:

  1. The equipment is listed in Annex IV.
  2. All the risks are not addressed by harmonized standards.

See Article 12 (4.) (a) below:

The engineering staff at both F2 Labs and Ronin Revolution Corporation worked together, extensively, to resolve the detailed risk assessment generated for the Ronin Lift and then set about testing every facet of the equipment. No stone was left unturned in preparation of the EC-type Examination. F2 Labs next assembled a complete Technical File, per 2006/42/EC, Annex VII (A.) and made contact with a Notified Body in the EU to finish the process.

After many rounds of testing, evaluation, and numerous conference calls, we are pleased to announce that Ronin Revolution Corporation has earned the EC type-examination certificate for the Ronin Lift. Congratulations from your friends and colleagues at F2 Labs!

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